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While there are several different types of repairs pictured to help you relate with your own special circumstance, not all types of repairs can be priced as easily as small chip repairs.

  • Cracks and gouges can take on a life of their own and cover anywhere from a quarter size on up to the entire bottom of a tub

  • Rust can occur around the drain, the overflow and even the caulk line

Due to the nature of these types of damages time and material have to be factored in and can be very different for each individual issue.  

As stated everywhere on this site just e-mail and/or text with your name, location and pictures of your project and we'll be happy to assist you with a close range for cost and time of your project.


Tub in pretty great shape but just has a couple chips?  We can repair and color match the chip(s) to your existing finish.  We're able to fill the damaged area, then sand and contour perfectly to match the surrounding area.  

Our technicians are experienced in color matching which is key to correctly tinting the coatings to match your fixture being repaired.  Even white requires a trained eye and tinting as there are many shades of white.  Next we follow up with an air brush to apply the correct type of coating to blend to the existing material.  The bathtub chip repair is coated several times with each coat going just a little further out each time.  This means a small chip repair will end up being around the size of a half dollar in order to create a transition that the human eye cannot see.


  • Put your soap on an elevated soap dish or hanging shelf basket to dry.  Soap is an alkaline product and like acid WILL mar or damage the finish with repeated exposure.

  • Don't let children play with hard toys in the tub as when banged against the surface can chip up the new coating.

  • If you must wash your dog in tub, put down a mat WITHOUT section cups as well as towels over the rain and wall of tub wo they won't dig in and scratch up the finish.

  • Repair a dripping faucet or shower head ASAP.  It will damage a refinished tub.

  • Bleach, peroxide, hard water removers and drain cleaners should NOT be used.

  • If doing any work around your tub put plenty of padding down in case you drop a tool.