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 Reglaze your bathtub, don't replace it!  Bathtub reglazing is a practical method to make tired and worn fixtures look totally revived at a fraction of the cost of replacement.  With little impact on your busy life, we'll professionally prep and refinish your bathtub, to a high-gloss shine.  The result is a bathtub that has amazing gloss and durability.  There's little mess or downtime.  In most cases you can use your fixture the very next day.  Reglazing is the smart choice to deal with an outdated or damaged bathtub.  Chips, rust, cracks, stains and dull colors can be changed and look new again.  You choose the color to fit your new decor.  Most customers can't the difference between a reglazed tub and a new one!


You can text or e-mail pictures of your project including your name, best contact and location to the information above.  We'll get back with you ASAP with approximate cost if you do not see a price listed here on our site for what you need.

Pictures and location allow us to be more precise with our pricing and providing us with your location allows us to let you know if we service your area.